Simple lifestyle changes can help avoid diabetes, 'Sehat Ki Rasoi' will tell you how

New Delhi, July 27, News24 Bureau: The worst fallout of lifestyle disorders is lifestyle diseases which are often called slow killers. They kill you slowly because before you know how this is affecting you, it's often too late as enough damage is done. Diabetes, blood-pressure are among sucg disorders which are a direct outcome of a faulty food habit and wrong lifestyle.Diabetes is a chronic disease which has become very common nowadays. While lack of insulin and genetic history are among the factors, certain lifestyle habits such as poor diet, lack of exercise and high stress also contribute to an increase in blood sugar levels. Taking a few steps towards a healthy life can make a huge difference.Here are few tips to avoid these lifestyle disorders:* Breath clean air: As per the recent report by Lancet, air pollution is linked to diabetes. Researchers found that pollution triggered inflammation which reduces the insulin action. Hence it is very important to breath clean air.* Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol: Water is by far the best and the most natural beverage one can have. Replace all your sugary and aerated drinks with water to see the benefit it provides. Few studies have also revealed that increased water intake may lead to better blood sugar control and insulin response.* Quit smoking: Smoking has proven to contribute to major and serious health-related issues such as heart attack, cancer, TB and even diabetes.With an eye on the sensitive issue healthcare News24 is coming with a unique food show Sehat Ki rasoi. Unique because this show will tell you how healthy food can be tasty as well and the recipes discussed here will be novel and unique.This is also unique because for the first time you'll see a cookery show, catering adequately to taste and health at the same time, on a news channel. Come August and get ready to see this interactive show on News 24.A special daily cookery show, "SEHAT KI RASOI" is being launched that would focuss on "Recipes for the Mind, Body and Soul", which would be good to taste as well as healthy for the body and nutritious. The show would be one full season of eight weeks, Monday to Friday, in a 40-Episode series."Sehat Ki Rasoi" is not just another cookery show with run of the mill recipes but a bouquet of well-curated Traditional as well as Fusion recipes, which would target women and men from all age groups, but particularly those who are 35 plus who need to give that extra attention to their eating habits