Sipping drinks and eating burgers will cost you more..know why

New Delhi: In this modern era, people have got contributed more to a unhealthy lifestyle and have nearly boycotted a healthier schedule. People have become so dependent on gyms that they have stopped considering a healthy diet at first place.

Soon junk food and beverages will likely attract higher taxes in the upcoming budget.  The government is reportedly mulling an additional fat tax on sugary beverages and packaged food that are high on salt and saturated fats to curb the diseases like diabetes and obesity.

According to an official, the 11-member group of secretaries on health, sanitation and urban development have discussed budget proposals in a meeting with PM Narendra Modi. According to the group members, the revenue earned from such tax should be invested in health schemes.

A report in TOI said, FSSAI has issued several guidelines to regulate junk food, including those on sale of such food in schools, and packaging norms. India's diabetes burden and the obesity problem have assumed serious levels. Experts blame these on the consumption of sugary beverages and junk food. Every year, nearly 5.8 million Indians die of heart and lung diseases, cancer and diabetes. In 2015, 69.1 million cases of diabetes were diagnosed in India.