Skincare tips for changing weather (winter to spring)

Weather changes constantly and your sensitive skin responds immediately with boils, rashes and patches! Its because of changes in the air quality, which can cause sensitive skin to dry out and itch. Warm weather and sun can also increase skin’s sensitivity due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure. While it’s hard for sensitive skin to retain natural moisture, there are simple things that you can do in your daily routine to prevent such conditions, here are three of them: 


* Moisturize twice daily: It can also help protect your skin from the climate and leave it feeling soft and smooth.

* Don't take hot showers: This can melt and strip away the skin's natural oil barrier.

* Simplify your makeup routine: Curb your foundation and concealers that you wear to cover your pores and patches, switch from liquid to pencil eyeliner. Carry wipes.