Sonam Kapoor squashes reports of an impending April Wedding!

Sonam in an interview with HuffingtonPost has talked about various things—her choice of films, directors and personal relationship. When quizzed about her marriage reports with beau Anand Ahuja, Sonam gave the quirkiest response.

She said, "I am getting married in Timbuktu on a unicorn". Further mentioning, "I'm filming non-stop, where's the time to get married?"

Sonam and Anand's romance came in the spotlight when they made an appearance at Akshay Kumar's Rustom Success Bash in 2016. Since then Sonam and Anand have often been spotted hanging out together and chilling with Sonam's family but neither of them has made their relationship status public.

Coming from such a famous family, that's on the fore-front of film-making, her relationship status being scrutinized would seem justified. However, Sonam says, that since Anand isn't from Bollywood, it isn't ok for him to be bombarded with such scrutny. 

On revealing details about her relationship, she said, "Because that's in my control and I don't feel that I can speak about myself but I don't think it's okay for me to speak about somebody else. Now everything that is put out there is with his permission or whatever he puts out there is with my permission. But if somebody is asking me a question publicly I don't think it's okay for me to speak about the person because that person hasn't signed up for it. This is just keeping it a little sacred. Just keeping it in my control, whatever is out there is in my control, it's not something that is not. I just feel that it's not okay to talk about it. I will share whatever I have to share and that is with my filter."

After Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's high profile wedding, all eyes, ears and various receptive organs of people have been set on the next couple in B-Town to take the plunge.

Here are some pictures of them from social media, they do make an adorable duo: