Sophia Bush, Kate Walsh help couple to nuptials

Seattle: Actresses Sophia Bush, Kate Walsh and Constance Zimmer have all taken to their social media profiles to help get commoners Gus and Jessie to their altar here. The pair, who met on dating app Tinder in 2015, were making their way by car from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest for their upcoming nuptials when their jeep broke down and the attached trailer they were using to haul their wedding necessities up the coast, began to make its way over a cliff, reports Gus and Jessie were able to save their trailer, but found themselves stranded.  With the remainder of their adventure at jeopardy, the couple looked to social media for help, posting an S.O.S. on Instagram. It caught the attention of Bush, who the couple said "called upon several car rental auto companies".  Bush, 34, also posted their story on her own Instagram page. That post was later shared by Walsh, 48, and a friend of Gus and Jessie set up a GoFundMe account which Zimmer, 45, promoted on her Twitter.  "Wanna help a stranger today? It feels good, trust me…," Zimmer wrote.  In addition to the tons of attention their story has received, Gus and Jessie have also been gifted over $3,500 in donations and Audi supplied them a brand new Audi Q7 to ensure they make it to Seattle and back with no car troubles.  "We want to thank each and every one of you who has reached out to us offering a helping hand," Jessie wrote in an update on GoFundMe. Jessie added that all of the help they received will also help the couple "have the honeymoon we originally dreamed of. We will be releasing a letter later after all of this (is) over, personally thanking everyone we've met on this journey who has greeted us with hospitality and selflessness."