South Film Industry Booming

There used to be a time when the South Film Industry, better known as Kollywood, did not receive the respect and recognition which it deserved. Everyone involved with the industry were called “Madrasis” and not much existed in terms of thought provoking scripts or systematic way of making movies. Although it is true that the South Indians have different tastes, cultures and media consumption habits, they also manage to harvest about 500 films every year.

Today, the scenario is different. The South Indian Industry comprises of four states, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Together these states account for 21 per cent (240 million) of the Indian population and 24 per cent (INR 7405 billion) of the countries gross domestic product (GDP). Therefore it has the largest share of the total number of countries produced in the country.

Lets focus on two main reasons why the South Film Industry is booming. The first factor why the industry has done so well is their systematic way of functioning. Bound scripts are prepared before the film goes on the floors. The film crew, including actors and directors, follow a predetermined schedule. Since the crew is to follow a schedule and are time-bound, their productivity levels are also at the optimum. This helps the producers manage their costing better. Creativity also thrives when people work towards a pre-set goal. Thus this creativity is projected onto the screen.

The second reason why the industry is prospering is because of technological advancements in areas such as pre-production, post-production, distribution and manifestation. The south film industry is ahead on its digitization curve with up to 40 per cent of the film prints released for the South Indian films are digital. Many industry moghuls are adopting digital technology to combat piracy and improve transparency in revenue reporting. The use of computer generated graphics have not only added to the asthetics but also are visually more appealing. Also, films are now adopting Digital Intermediate feature which makes post-production work more effective. Directors, cinematographers and editors can control and approve in one place the timing of all versions of their show and take care of other tasks at the same time. All the work is done in one place and therefore is cost-efficient. Also, digital intermediate streamlines many processes and many budget items, which again is highly efficient.

Therefore, the South Film Industry has performed great strides in the movie-making process. It has now become a formidable brand. What's to look forward for the industry in the future? Well, they are now looking at bi-lingual and tri-lingual script options to cater to a wide variety of options. Movies such as Baahubali's cinematogrophy is not only visually pleasing but it transports you to a magical realm. The industry is also exploring Bollywood scripts such as Ghajini to broaden their scope. It sure is steering ahead in a steadfast manner!