Spain's 100 meter sprint record holder survives car crash with hand injury

Madrid:Spanish athlete Bruno Hortelano suffered a car accident on Monday and underwent a successful operation to reconstruct his right hand, his sports representative said.

Hortelano, who holds Spain's record for 100 and 200 meters, had been a passenger in a car that had an accident and was taken to a Madrid hospital, EFE news quoted Alberto Armas as saying.

Later, Armas tweeted on his official Twitter account that Hortelano had "left the operating theater" and his prognosis was good.

Armas also said that Hortelano's hand was "the most affected part and has been reconstructed" during surgery.

The son of scientist parents who emigrated from Spain, Hortelano was born in Australia.

He trained in Canada and also in the United States, at Cornell University in New York.

He had competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics, where he fell just short of qualifying for the 200 meter final.