Spice Girls to sing at the royal wedding!




Great way to bring about an amazing twist and whiff of fresh air to those stiff and taut royal weddings! 

 On Monday, Feb 27 2018,  Mel B (Scary Spice) revealed the world-famous Spice Girls are performing at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding this May. She confirmed the news on talkshow The Real, and we're freaking out.

"Do you know anybody who’s going to go to this wedding?” one of the hosts asks as Mel B slowly nods her head. She then confirms all five Spice Girls are attending, and it takes her about a minute later to break the news that they’re performing. 

Let's highlight five of their famous songs that could be on their playlist: 


* Intro Song: Wannabe! The song that Meghan's bridesmaids could be introduced at the reception! Good Pal Priyanka Chopra is also reported to be in the wedding party! 


* The Romantic Slow Dance: 2 Become 1! The song is about falling in love and being in-sync with one another. Harry and Meghan seem just that when out a events! 




* The fun Ice-breaker: STOP! This could be the song when Wills makes his best-man speech. He's already teasing Harry that he's thankful he won't be digging through his fridge any longer! Wifey Kate could join in the fun too! 


* A signal for the queen and Prince Charles: Spice Up your life! Great way to get them and the rest of the astoundingly rigid family on the dance floor! 


* The closing number: Viva Forever! The mushy and slow number when the good-time is coming to an end and everyone's just basked in the lovey-dovey atmosphere!