Sports car driven by Mastroianni in 'La Dolce Vita' rediscovered

Rome: A black Triumph TR3 two-seater driven by actor Marcello Mastroianni in Federico Fellini's iconic 1960 film "La Dolce Vita" has been restored to its original condition by an Italian politician who discovered its past after he bought the car in a poor state of repair. Ex-senator Filippo Berselli fell in love with the sports car in the eastern Italian coastal city of Pesaro, and bought from a collector for around 30,000 euros, having been fascinated by the car's unusual black number-plate, Adnkronos has learned. Indeed it was the car's number-plate and log-book that helped Berselli to find out that one of its earlier owners had been Riama Film, owned by Angelo Rizzoli, who produced "La Dolce Vita". "It was a very emotional moment. It gives me great joy to think that car was chosen by Fellini for his film and that it was driven by Marcello Mastroianni," said Berselli. In "La Dolce Vita", Mastroianni plays a journalist, Marcello Rubini, who writes for gossip magazines. The award-winning film charts his fruitless quest for love and happiness over seven days and nights looking for the "sweet life" in Rome.