SRK's son with mystery woman.. PIC sets internet on fire!

New Delhi, Oct 28: Aryan Khan has left no stoned unturned by dominating the Bollywood with his appearances and remains one of the favorite star kids for shutterbugs too!

Being Shah Rukh Khan's son, Aryan Khan whereabouts go viral within days. Recently, the 19-year-old was spotted with an unknown woman and the internet has caught fire, trying to know more about the girl!

The photo has been seen on Instagram and has been going viral, spreading different versions of the photo.

Aryan is currently studying filmmaking in the University of California and is expected to make a showbiz debut eventually.  

In a media confrontation, daddy SRK had said “He (Aryan) talks about his ambitions, and where he would like to be one day. But he’s very clear that way. He just wants to be bigger than me and that’s cool.” SRK had also said how he was contributing to Aryan’s film education: “I have made a folder with all the great English classics like The Untouchables, Goodfellas, and Michael Douglas’ Falling Down. I am showing him English films now but I have also made another folder that has Hindi classics like Sholay, Do Aakhen Barah Haath and Devdas – both Dilip Saab's and mine. I want him to see more films.”