'Star campaigner' Adityanath in Gujarat; to counter Rahul effect

New Delhi, Oct 13: Uttar Pradesh chief minister and star-campaigner Yogi Aditynath is on a two-day tour in Gujarat. He grabbed this opportunity and took ample digs at Congress at a rally at Valsad in Gujarat. "A thing was famous about Ex-PM Manmohan Singh, for any approval he always looked at Nehru-Gandhi family and stayed mum if they said no," said UP CM.

He also targeted Rahul Gandhi as he said, "Even after ruling there for 14 years Rahul Gandhi did not facilitate building of a collectorate in Amethi. People who couldn't build a collectorate in Amethi after ruling there for three generations, what development will they bring to Gujarat" said Yogi Adityanath, adding that if Rahul Gandhi chooses to campaign then one thing can be assured that Congress will be defeated there.

Adityanath will be adressing many rallies which are a part BJP’s plan to strongly counter Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who has been aggressively campaigning in Gujarat by organising road shows.