Statesman Modi's message to Pak: You will be isolated; let's fight a war against poverty

Kozhikode (Kerala):  While launching a blistering attack on Pakistan for the Uri attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday donned  the cap of a statesman . Modi  challenged  Pakistan to come and fight a war against poverty and unemployment and  "let's see who wins" . Terming terrorism as  inimical to the idea of humanity, Modi said that India will not rest till it gets Pakistan isolated completely for sponsoring terror.    
Modi said  Pakistani leaders had been talking of a "thousand years' war" with India. "Let me tell you that there is a government in Delhi that accepts your challenge" , quickly adding  that both countries should "fight the war", but against poverty, unemployment and illiteracy -- and "let's see who wins".
Modi said that Asia has the potential of  owning the 21st century, "but one country in Asia is working against the region's prosperity". Launching a blistering attack on Pakistan, Modi said, 
"There is one country in Asia, which wants to paint the continent with blood of innocent people. In the world when reports of terrorism come, then this news also follows that the terrorists came from that (neighbouring) country, or like Osama bin Laden, have found a hideout there". PM said  that "there is only one Asian country, which is exporting terrorism". He went on add that Bangladesh, Afghanistan and all Asian countries which are victims of terrorism "are pointing fingers at one country".
The Indian efforts of isolating Pakistan at the global level are already yielding results, Modi said. "India has been successful in isolating you, and will intensify that so that you are are completely isolated,"  Modi told Pakistan