Style Diaries: Deepika Padukone

Do you want to try your summer staples or do you want to try something different this summer? Here's a retro-chic outfit for you to try. It doesn't have to be in the heavy silhouettes either, it can be in the breezy silhouettes such as cotton, rayon and linens. Its time to reprise the oversized shirt!!! Very Madonna/ "Holiday-isqe" , don't you think? 

Deepika Padukone was at the airport (probably to cannes?) donning a super chic and comfortable ensemble that is perfect to stay stylish this summer. Celebrity stylist Shaleena Nathani dressed her up in a Maison Margiela oversized shirt over leather-feel leggings. She gave this shirt some shape by sinching it with a waistbelt. 

Two-ways to wear it: 

* The button-down shirt: wear it with lingerie inside. Its gonna be great for a evening wear. 

*The button-up shirt: It makes dressy items more casual, makes casual items more dressy and provides a light and airy look.