Sunny Leone Attacked...she was alone at home

New Delhi, Oct 28: What made Sunny Leone walk with a knife towards her main door? Who was banging her door like mad? What scared Sunny Leone?

Though trapped in the image of working in adult movies, Sunny has carved a niche for herself with great effort an har-work. And she is one coolperson who doesn't give a damn to what her detractors have to say about her past. Recently Sunny hands with an NGO - Akancha Against Harassment - to fight cyber harassment and online abuse. While talking to a leaing daily Sunny recounted a horryfying experience, "Someone threatened me, telling me he'd come to my house to cause harm. Daniel (Sunny's husband) was not in the country and I was frightened, because I was living alone. I would hear noises outside my house and walk towards the door with a knife in my hand."  But something even worse had happened to Sunny when she was literally haunted by a man who had many followers on twitter. Sunny said: "He started banging on my door. That his Twitter followers had also bullied me, made me fear that a mob would turn up and break into my house." News24Bureau