Sunny Leone decodes why reality shows are big

New Delhi: Actress Sunny Leone, who will be seen hosting the new season of youth-based reality TV show "MTV Splitsvilla", feels the genre garners attention because people are interested in knowing about others' life. "We watch different TV shows because we find it interesting. It's in the nature to find other people's life interesting. We find other persons' lives interesting, which is why reality television is so big in showbiz," Sunny told IANS. "Splitsvilla", which goes into its ninth edition this time, is a televised 'hunt for love', wherein boys and girls fight it out with each other to stay put in the 'villa'. Past editions of the show have seen a lot of verbal spats between contestants. Asked that don't verbal spats and violence make reality shows disturbing, Sunny said: "I think reality shows (are) somewhere showing the reality of life or a situation. Yes, people do get upset and sometimes don't know how to control their emotions. It wouldn't have been a multi-million dollar industry if it was just roses and flowers the whole time." However, the 35-year-old actress stressed that she and co-host Rannvijay Singha don't accept physical violence in the show. "Rannvijay and I don't condone physical violence in the show. We try to control it as much as possible," she said. The show, which has been extensively shot in the picturesque Puducherry, will have six girls and 15 celebrity boys as contestants. The show's tagline this time is 'Where women rule' -- giving a twist to the usual plot of the show. So, while at the end of "Splitsvilla", there used to be a king and queen, the ninth season will only have queens, and no kings.  Sunny, who is hosting "MTV Splitsvilla" for the third time, says this season has some "very interesting and different situations". "This season is about women's rule. This particular year we are testing out a different show model and let's see how it works. All the the contestants on the show got a surprise when we told them this is 'Where women rule'". The new season goes on air from June 11.