Sunny Leone SHAMED.. Here's why

New Delhi, March 14: Bollywood hottie Sunny Leone knows very well how to keep her fan busy. Sunny is highly active on her social media and has a large fan following as well. 

The Baby Doll actress has a following of more than 12 million on Instagram

Recently, The actress was trolled for her efforts to prepare tea with the help of a lighter. Everyone knows that making tea is not a tough job, however can be a time-consuming job if you use a lighter to heat the kettle up.

Yes, you read it right! Recently, she posted a picture where she can be seen sitting in a garden and trying to prepare tea in her own special way. She tries to make tea with the help of a lighter. Sunny captioned it “Please don’t try making tea with only a lighter!! It doesn’t work. Tried it…Done it…Failed!!! Lol”, her audience spared no time in trolling her. 

See the picture given below: 

Here are some of the comments: