Sunny Leone shocked.. Girl flirts with her

New Delhi, Aug 21: For those who are fan of MTV’s popular dating reality show Splitsvilla, there is a good news. The show is back now with its eleventh season. The show will be hosted again by hot Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha. The show is so popular that it opened to record-breaking ratings. Sunny recently revealed some strange secrets from the show Splitsvilla 11

According to a report in, Sunnny revealed, “I really love Splitsvilla. I have been hosting the show for five years and eagerly wait for it every time. This year, we have a great bunch of young people. They are good looking, talented and really entertaining. Also, the Oracle is back and it also offers secret sessions to the contestants. While falling in love is difficult at such a short time, Splitsvilla definitely gives a perfect setup and an array of options for the contestants to get attracted and even date.”

When we asked Sunny if a contestant had ever flirted with her, she said, “Oh my gosh, it happened this season. I don’t want to name that person but I really got some major vibes. It happened on the first day, and I was like is this really happening. I swear, it was quite a shocker.”Sunny then whispered the name into curious Rannvijay’s ears. While laughing hysterically, he went on to reveal, “We must confess here, that it was a girl.”Rannvijay further added, “When I am around, no one would dare cross their lines, with any girl, especially Sunny. I am generally watching over the boys throughout. But this time, it was a girl and it was quite unexpected. I think she has been in awe of Sunny all her life. When she finally saw her for the first time, she just couldn’t control herself. It was more of a sub-conscious act.”

The Jism 2 actor also said, “I really have no idea. I was quite shocked. But honestly, it happened after quite a long time and I did feel young again (giggles). So I want to thank her actually.”