Sunny Leone's first sex encounter..this happened

Mumbai, Sep 12: Bollywood’s ‘Laila’, Sunny Leone has revealed some interesting facts about her early life and teenage including everything from her first kiss, to high school romance and making out for the first time with a high school boyfriend in a chat show with YouTuber Hanee Chavan.

Sunny Leone disclosed being a tom boy during her teenage and remembered her first boyfriend in high school with whom she had her first kiss while watching the movie Romeo and Juliet.Talking about him more, she shared that her boyfriend used to play basketball and was really hot and handsome but her parents used to hate him. She even boldly accepted that she first had sex when she was just 16.

Sunny in the interview also revealed that while growing up she was far from the glamorous personality that she is now. She admitted to being a tomboy, going around with short cropped hair with rugged elbows and knees and hairy arms and legs.

Not just this, but Leone also shared a horrific incident when her father caught her red-handed while making out with her boyfriend. Recalling the moment, Sunny said she was sitting on her beau’s lap and busy canoodling when her father walked in. Sunny was really embarrassed when she got caught by her father.

Sunny danced on some popular dance numbers like ‘Kala Chasma’, on iconic Micheal Jackon move, admitted being unaware of the most talked Gangnam Style by PSY, and Baby Doll in the segment ‘moves by Hanee’.