Super cute pics of Bebo's darling Taimur

New Delhi, Sept 27: Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's super cute boy Taimur has already become one of the most famous star kids and keeps the paparazzi on its toes whenever he steps out of his home. The lensmen crave to get the best shot of Taimur to let their views and readers catch him in his best mood. 

Every picture of Taimur makes the internet world go gaga over him. Whether he is crying, smiling or just looking casually, he is a hit in all poses. 

Taimur has also garnered some controversies as well. When he was born and Kareena, Saif decided to name him Taimur and Social media went berserk. Saif and Kareena were trolled big time and many questioned why he was named after the Turkish ruler Timur. 

Saif had to intervene when the controversy erupted over Taimur's name and said  the idea behind naming his son as Taimur was never to offend anyone and that, his wife and he loved the sound of the name and they loved its meaning. Saif Ali Khan also added, while he was aware of the heritage of the Turkish ruler Timur, his son’s name Taimur is an ancient Persian name that meant iron.

Here we give some of the best pics of Taimur clicked so far: 

1) Taimur is enjoying with his friend his playing session

2) Taimur finds something unpleasant and turned a cry baby, but even while crying he is looking an adorable munckin

3) Taimur came along with Karisma and her kids to give Kareena a surprise at her workplace.

4) In papa's cosy lap, Taimur is enjoying his Swiss vacation 

5) We can't get over this cute gaze of Taimur 

6) Taimur has got the eyes of Kareena and he looks uber cool in this amazing pic 

7) Here, we give the picture of Kareena whose creation Taimur has sweeped the social media 


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