Super Exclusive VIDEO of Honeypreet, see what she says

New Delhi, Oct 3: News24 news channel, your very own channel has brought to you Honeypreet LIVE in an exclusive interview. News24 has done what even the big Police Force of Haryana could not do. News24 has made its way into the secret hiding of Honepreet. Watch this exclusive video to see what Honeypreet said to your channel:

Some major highlights of the interview are as follows:

-Papa Ram Rahim is the whole and sole of the Dera,all major decisions are taken by him. He is the undisputed head of Dera

-Lot of lies being spread about us, there is not an iota of truth in that

-See what 6 crore girls have to say about Papa. Papa has reformed their lives.

-Can't a father love his daughter, what is wrong in that?

-Papa will come out clean, I'm sure about this.

-I'll go to High Court, if need be to Supreme Court as well.

-Am very close to my family members, love them and they love me.

-Was interested in direction, not in acting

-Papa adopted me as his daughter. 

-I have nothing to do with Vishwas Gupta, have broken all ties with him

-Media is spreading all lies, how can media do this

-Truth will prevail and the world will see this.

-I'm pained and shocked, how can the world do this to us

-We are great patriots and we love India.

-I was very much in India, I did not go to Nepal.