Sushma blasts, mocks Rahul...God save us if we have to learn Hinduism from Cong Prez

New Delhi, Dec 1: Launching a scathing attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said that it will be a sad day if one has to learn meaning of being Hindu from Rahul Gandhi. Sushma was reacting to Rahul's statement saying that PM Narendra Modi does not understand Hinduism.  

Sushma said that Rahul has been presenting himself as a Hindu to get votes.  "Don't preach us on Hinduism," she said. Slamming Rahul for attack on Modi, she said, "A statement came that he is a jeneudhari Brahmin, but I didn't know that he had gained so much of knowledge that we now have to learn the meaning of Hinduism from him. I wish the day won't come when we have to learn meaning of being a Hindu from him."

"Rahul Gandhi said PM doesn't know meaning of being a Hindu. He said that because he and Congress are confused about his religion and caste. For years, party presented him as secular leader but near polls when they realised that Hindus are in majority,they created this image," added Sushma.

Earlier, Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday and asked what kind of a Hindu he is that he does not understand the foundations of Hinduism.

"It is fascinating for me that what is the essence of Hinduism. You please study Hinduism. What does Gita say? It says that Knowledge is with everybody. Knowledge is all around you. Our Prime Minister says that I am a Hindu but he does not understand the foundation of Hinduism.

"What kind of Hindu he is? That is the contradiction," Gandhi said during an interaction with the business community and professionals here.

Gandhi alleged that Modi thought he was the repository of all wisdom and because of it he took decisions like demonetisation without consulting anybody and the surgical strikes.

"Modi says knowledge is with me, knowledge is with me, everything .....," he said.

Drawing a comparison with late Atal Behari Vajpayee, the Congress chief said his party and Vajpayee used to fight each other "but his (Vajpayee's) tone, his language was different. He had character and respect," he said.
News24 Bureau/ IANS