Swift to give videotaped deposition in front of accused groper

Los Angeles: Singer Taylor Swift can't avoid a filmed deposition in her groping lawsuit against a former radio host named David Mueller. A judge in a Colorado federal court on Thursday denied Swift's request to prohibit Mueller, who allegedly groped her during a 2013 meet and greet, from attending the deposition, reports aceshowbiz.com. According to the judge's order, Swift's lawyers brought an oral motion at a telephonic discovery hearing that in part aimed to stop her deposition from being videotaped, but the judge rejected it.  As Swift also failed in prohibiting Mueller from attending the deposition, he can be there as she recounts the "outrageous and humiliating" incident.  Luckily for Swift, the judge ordered that the videotaped deposition be kept confidential.  “Only an original videotape will be made of Swift's deposition. The original videotape shall remain in the custody of Jesse Schaudies, Ms. Swift's business manager. Plaintiff's counsel must be provided reasonable access to the videotape,” the judge said. In September 2015, Mueller sued Swift for false accusation after he was fired following the alleged groping incident. In October that year, Swift filed a countersuit against him and insisted that he was the culprit.