Syrian army extends ceasefire for 72 hours

Damascus: The Syrian army extended an ongoing ceasefire in the country for an additional 72 hours, officials said. The new extension will come into effect on Tuesday and will end on Thursday, state news agency SANA cited the army as saying on Monday evening. The first recent 72-hour ceasefire went into effect on July 5, and was extended for a similar duration for the second time on Saturday, Xinhua news agency reported. Although the ceasefire was planned for the entire country, the northern city of Aleppo saw one of the most violent situation.  Over 60 people were killed and hundreds of others injured last week, when the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and similar militant groups attacked the city with hundreds of mortar shells.

IANS On Monday morning, the allied militants unleashed simultaneous attacks on government-controlled districts in western Aleppo.