Taimur goes viral again..looks like mom Kareena or papa Saif?

Mumbai: Mom is not joking when she terms her baby as the most handsome man this side of the equator. The mom in this case is Kareena Kapoor Khan, and baby is none other than Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. Taimur has yet again set the internet on fire.

The darling of netizens is trending again, this time is it’s not because of the name, but because of his looks. His latest picture shows that his mom his absolute right about his looks.

A picture going viral on social media proves that Taimur is growing up fast, and his looks are changing fast too. Latest picture is much different from the one that we saw last year. One can see in a quizzical look, and a lovely cute pout.

Recently Priyanka was bowled over by Taimur’s pout, “It is such a wonderful moment and it is such a beautiful baby and he already has Kareena’s pout. I am very excited for both Saif and Bebo. And the child is going to be a Prince and people need to focus on that.”

The comment got thumbs up from mom Kareena. “My son is the most gorgeous man this side of the equator. I take it as a compliment because yes his lips are amazing," Taimur's mother said.

Proud father Saif Ali Khan has also got a portrait made of the youngest nawab.