Taste of Trump..Don had a eye on this tennis star

New Delhi: The new US President has weakness for beautiful women is a known fact now. his escapades with women were all over the American media since the day Trump decided to run for Presidency. Once he was elected, there were reports that his video with prostitutes is in possession with the Russians. What is realatively unknown is the fact that at a point of time Trump had fallen for a glamorous tennis player.  

In 2013, Trump was in Serbia, and during the meeting with the then Prime Minister of Serbia, Ttrump called Ana Ivanovic as the "most beautiful woman he has ever seen". Ana is married to football star Bastian Schweinsteiger.

"For 15 minutes all he talked about was Ana Ivanovic and how she was the most beautiful tennis player and woman in the world," Dacic, now the foreign minister of Serbia was quoted as saying. Dacic was asked why Trump was so positive about Serbia, to which he quipped "Ana is the one to take credit, he is fascinated with her beauty".


Ana met Trump in 2014 and posted her picture on social media with caption "Meeting with the Boss"

It seems Ana knew in 2014 what Americans will face in 2016! At least the caption suggests so. (News24Bureau)