Tata Marcopolo lifts lockout

Bengaluru, March 7: Leading automobile manufacturer Tata Motors has lifted the lockout at Tata Marcopolo plant taking a pragmatic view of the situation, the company said on Monday. "In view of the larger interest of all the company's stakeholders, the management of Tata Marcopolo Motors has taken a pragmatic view of the situation and decided to lift the lockout to resume operations shortly," said Tata Motors in a statement. Tata Marcopolo Motors is a joint venture between the Indian company and Brazilian Marcopolo set up in 2008 to roll out about 15,000 inter-state and inter-city luxury buses per annum from its plant in Dharwad city. As many as 2,500 workers of the joint venture struck work on January 31 demanding wage hike, forcing a 35-day lockout. "We strive to carry out peaceful business in a congenial environment maintaining highest standards of safety, discipline, productivity and quality to fulfil our commitment to well being of all the stakeholders," the statement added.