Taylor Lautner grilled about Taylor Swift

Los Angeles:Actor Taylor Lautner got grilled by his "Scream Queens" co-stars Lea Michele and John Stamos about singer Taylor Swift. The actor joined Michele and Stamos for a Facebook Live Q&A, reports eonline.com. Stamos told Michele: "I exposed who Taylor dated earlier in one of the interviews." "You mean in life or on the show," she asked. "Who'd you date in life?" Lautner replied: "I don't know." "He dated quite a few girls," Stamos said. "There was a list. Right, Taylor?" Michele joked: "I need to catch up." "Yeah, I've dated some people," Lautner confessed. "You dated Taylor Swift," Michele told her co-star. "I remember that." "That's hilarious," Lautner said. Lautner and Swift dated briefly after they played love interests in the ensemble rom-com "Valentine's Day". "Should we talk about it?" she teased. "No!" Lautner said. "I don't know why you guys want to talk about it." "Didn't she write a song about you," Michele asked. "That's what she does," Lautner replied. "She writes songs." Stamos asked which song Lautner inspired. "I think it was on the one about a sweater and a hat," Michele replied.  Lautner tried to change the conversation by saying: "That's hilarious."  "Am I right, though?" Michele asked. "I listened to '22' by the pool today. I was like, 'I'm feeling 22, guys.'" "It's good music," Lautner said. "I listen to it." Stamos asked: "What song did she write about him?" Michele couldn't remember the title or lyrics to Swift's song. Stamos asked: "Made you a hat?" Michele said: "Something about a hat! I don't know!" "That's ridiculous!" Stamos said. "Did she make you a hat?" Lautner replied: "She did not make me a hat." "No, it's something about his hat!" Michele clarified. "He had a knit hat." "I don't know where she's going with this hat thing," Lautner said. "Am I (crazy)? Fans, people, help me!" Michele said. "There's something about a hat. Right?" "If there is, I feel bad," Lautner said. "It's like your hat...in December!" Michele said. Lautner said: "It's called 'Back to December'."