Tea sold in train made from toilet water?

New Delhi, May 3: The very thought of having a steaming and refreshing cup of tea during your journey in a train will scare you. And why not? Because the water used in making your favourite and hot cup of tea is mo likely made from toilet water.

You will be happy to know that the railway tea vendor who used water from the toilet in a train to make tea has been fined Rs 1 lakh by the Indian railways.

The incident came to light in a viral video yesterday where the vendor and one one other were seen bringing out tea or coffee cans from inside the train toilet at the Secunderabad station in Telangana in December 2017.

A Twitter user named Punit Tyagi uploaded a video in which Railway employees were seen filling water in their tea-kettles from the train toilets. Utterly shocked, Punit wrote, "Indian Railways tea. Is there anybody who can look into it'.

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