Teach your wife about India’s prestige, Ram Madhav to Aamir Khan

New Delhi: BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav took a dig at Aamir Khan and in an indirect comment said that the Bollywood superstar should not only preach auto-rickshaw drivers but also his wife.

While addressing students at Delhi University's SGBT Khalsa College, Mr. Madhav said, "It will not work that you preach to an auto wallah how the country's prestige has to be saved but not tell the same to your own wife.”

While urging those who have returned awards to “take care of nation’s prestige”, he said, “No one needs to return the awards, everyone will be taken care of but the country should be respected. The individuals should also take care of nation's prestige."

Mr. Khan in November last year had expressed his concern regarding rising intolerance in the country. He had said that his wife, Kiran Rao was so concerned about the atmosphere of intolerance that she wondered if they should leave the country for the safety of their child.

News24 Bureau