Teen age sex slaves is HOBBY no: 1 of North Korean dictator

New Delhi, Sep 22: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un picks and chooses teen sex slaves during his visits to various schools. He has a preference for girls with straight legs and those having a twin of straight legs are chosen and inclued in his big gang of girls who are Kim Jong un's sex slaves.

This has been revealed by the daughter of a soldier working for Kim Jong un. Hee Yeon Lim, 26, is the daughter of a high-ranking soldier from Pyongyang and a member of the regime’s inner circle.  When her father passed away hr entire family fled fron North Korea to South Korea in 2015.

Now in South Korea, Hee Yeon has told about the horrors she had witnessed while being part of the secretive Kim regime's inner circle. While talking to Mirror she said how officials came to her school to pick out teen girls with "straight legs".

She reportedly said: "They learn to serve him food like caviar and extremely rare delicacies. They are also taught how to massage him and they become sex slaves.

“They have to sleep with him and they cannot make a mistake or object because they could very easily simply disappear."

A couple of months back North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has fathered another child, reports said today, after his wife dropped out of the public eye for several months.     

First lady Ri Sol-Ju delivered the couple's third child in February, the Yonhap news agency reported today, citing South Korean lawmakers who were briefed by the National Intelligence Service.     

Ri had disappeared for an extended period last year, raising speculation that she could be pregnant.     

News of the new arrival emerged as North Korea fired a ballistic missile over northern Japan.     

According to previous intelligence reports from Seoul's spy agency, Ri married Kim in 2009 and gave birth to their first child the following year, with their second born in 2013.     

Kim is the third generation of his dynasty to rule North Korea, but little has been revealed about the country's first family.     

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, following his trip to the North in 2013, has been the only source of information about the couple's second child -- a baby girl named Ju-Ae.     

Saying that he had held Kim's daughter in his arms, Rodman described the North Korean leader as "a good dad" who has "a good family".     

While more of a public personality than his introverted father Kim Jong-Il ever was, Kim's own personal details remain little known. Even his exact birthday and the date of his wedding have not been confirmed.

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