Teenagers who killed French Priest pledge allegiance to ISIS

The teenage jihadis who murdered a priest celebrating mass in a French church made a video pledging their allegiance to Islamic State before the attack, it was reported on Wednesday.

Two men, believed to be Adel Kermiche and his partner, named in unconfirmed reports as Abdel Malik P, are shown in the video released by Isis’s Amaq news agency.

The minute-long film shows one of the men speaking in Arabic, while the other nods in agreement. At the end both pray out loud. The second man is displaying a piece of paper on which the Isis flag is printed.

It is the third time in nine days Isis followers in Europe have sent video footage pledging allegiance to the Islamist group before carrying out attacks. The previous two films were made by an Afghan refugee who hacked at passengers on a train in Würzburg, Germany, wounding five people on 18 July, and a 27-year-old Syrian who blew himself up outside a bar in Ansbach, also in Germany, injuring 15 people on 24 July.