Television is fun: 'Homeland' star Claire Danes

Los Angeles: "Homeland" star Claire Danes says television is "fun" because of the uncertainty factor that it brings in. "Television is fun too because we’re riding this train on tracks that are being laid and, you know, nobody really knows where it’s going to go, even the writers are not entirely certain," Danes said in a statement. "And so, it’s terrifying and really thrilling and I’m as hungry for the next script as, you know, an audience is going to be for the next instalment, you know, the next episode. We’re all kind of biting our nails," she added.  Danes, who stars as Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Agency officer with bipolar disorder in the American political thriller television series, says she admires the "insane super-human intelligence" of her character in the show, but she is not like her in real life.  "I admire her like insane super-human intelligence, her Spidey sense, like, she’s so extraordinary and I’m so glad that I get to pretend to be because I’m not, in that way, and she’s so. She means so well; she’s really earnest, brazen and kind of sexless. I mean, she’s not defined by her gender," Danes said.  However, Danes said that she doesn't recommend anyone to date her character.  "She doesn’t have inhibitions that most women are supposed to have and I enjoy and appreciate her brazenness and her chutzpah and her courage and yeah, I think she’s actually a pretty good person given how terribly she can behave. She works really, hard and you’ve got to give her credit for that. But, you know, I don’t recommend dating her; not a good idea," she said.  "Homeland" airs on weekdays on Star World in India. IANS