Thanks Soniaji, will keep fighting for secularism..Meira after defeat

New Delhi: Putting up a brave front after her crushing defeat, Meira Kumar said that her battle for ideology will continue and she will keep fighting for secularism and the oppressed.    

This is what Meira Kumar said after her defeat:

1. "I congratulate Sh. Ram Nath Kovindji for becoming the President of India" 2. "My best wishes with Sh. Kovindji as it has fallen upon him to uphold Constitution in letter&spirit in these challenging times" 3. "Want to thank all members of collegium, Smt Sonia Gandhiji & leaders of all the political parties who have supported me" 4. "My fight for secularism, the oppressed & the marginalised continues.I thank all my well wishers for their support & good wishes" 5. "Want to make it very clear that today on 20th July 2017 my battle for ideology doesn't end, it will continue"