The 5 Hot Numbers of Malaika Arora Khan (On her Birthday)


It's Malaika's Birthday Today. How does the woman do it? Everywhere she turns up, she looks her level best. Consistent, Confident and Composed.

She stated,   "We are in a business where there is a lot of emphasis on looking a certain way, of being presentable at all times, because there is so much of (media) glare constantly in our profession."


She is most famous for her scintillating songs and dances, here are five of them: 


* Munni Badnam Hui, Darling Tere Liye:: Shilpa sa phigar, Bebo si Adaa, Hay Tere thumke me aisa mazaa - need we say more? 





* Anarkali Disco Chali - when you can shake a leg beside our perennial disco king and yet be noticed, you are a star! She managed on her own and got lots of accolades. 



* Mahi Ve - This was just the beginning of the "item numbers". She lifted the oomph and sensuality of these songs with her dancing from pauper to prince! 





* Chaiyya Chaiyya : She broke out with this song. The gumpshun and guts she displayed, being on top of a train, was def. one to watch! 




* Hont Rasiley: This song was very much reminiscent of the 70s cabaret, yet in a very modern and eclectic way. She was just as glamorous and hot as those 70s beauties!