The Crazy Sumit: Crime Branch detains the prankster who kisses girls and flees

New Delhi: A few days back, India was watching what girls went through in Bengaluru on New Year's eve. A prankster named 'The Crazy Sumit' on YouTube uploaded a video where he places a peck on girls cheek and run. The youth was later searched on by the Police as the case was filed against him additional to obscenity charges.

Gurugram Crime branch has detained youth going by the nickname 'The Crazy Sumit' for objectionable 'prank' videos on YouTube. More details awaited.

In the video that has gone viral, the boy in white shirt, is seen approaching women or couples where he intentionally sprays something on the face of person who is present with the girl and plants a kiss on the girl's cheeks. A few hours after the kissing video went viral, the youtuber uploaded another video apologising for his behaviour, apparently fearing legal action. The objectionable video was removed when police reported to YouTube.