The Most Expensive Cheese in this World – made from donkey milk?

Now food-lovers with expensive tastes - and deep pockets - can pick up what is thought to be the world's priciest cheese on a donkey farm in Serbia.

Produced in Zasavica - one of Serbia's most famous natural reserves - the cheese, known as pule, is made from donkeys' milk and costs a whopping £800 per kilogram.

It is said to take 25 litres of fresh donkey milk to make a single kilogram of the cheese, which the reserve claims is the most expensive in the world. The white, crumbly cheese has been described as similar to Spanish manchego cheese, but with a deeper, richer taste.

The reserve also produces bottled donkeys' milk, which is said to have been a beauty secret of Cleopatra. The legendary Egyptian queen was famously said to have bathed daily in asses' milk.

Other expensive cheeses include a Swedish moose cheese which costs around £630 per kilogram, and Caciocavallo Podolico, a cheese produced from the milk of a rare Italian breed of cow that only produces milk during May and June.