The rise of the unconventional hero!

Good looks, good looks, good looks, pretty much has seemed like the formula for success for heroes. However, if you ask the trade analysts, nothing works like a good script. Good content, crafted intricately with stellar portrayls and its what is the winner in the end. So, does that mean the movie-audience has come ahead and become sensible? They have realized that they are more keen on convincing portrayls rather than physical beauty? Absolutely! 

Farhan Akhtar (the unconventional looker) gets whistled at when he runs like a lightening bolt for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag as much as Ranbir Kapoor (the quintessentual hero) when he's belching out tunes for Rockstar. Thus, a pleasing face has nothing to do with being a good actor.



Here are two key factors that make the unconventional looker a superhit actor: 

Firstly, unconventional actors are supremely relatable. The audience wants to feel normal when they see an actor on-screen that isn't perfect in looks. This change has stemmed from audiences and by the audiences. With gadgets, exercise machines and umpteen diets out there, we feel an unsurmountable amount of stress to look a certain way, which is so fictional that its irritating. We'd rather be average and happy than beautiful and miserable (always wanting to achieve perfection). Perfection, in its natural state, shouldn't be tampered with. Thus, it’s always the audience that brings about change because writers and directors can put things out there but if nobody wants to watch them, it doesn’t really help. 

Secondly, unconventional actors have more chances of longevity in their careers than conventional actors.  Being an average, looker you must understand that even if you are little bit talented, you are going to get good scripts. For example, Ranveer Singh, is an average looker, however, he has convincingly played a boy-next-door in Band Baaja Baaraat, the fierce emperor in Bajirao and the lost soul in Dil Dhadakne Do. Its actually a big high for the unconventional looker  to experiment with a range of roles and do certain things to make your position secure in the industry. This quest for security enriches the hero in talent and recognition. Thus your USP actually becomes your average looks.  

Thus the industry doesn't thrive entirely on fantasy (big locales, big money, big houses, big cars, big weddings) anymore.  It is because, there are certain directors that have made excellent films, they try to jump the wagon and work with the Barbies and Ken's and failed miserably. They have realized that they shouldn’t have short-changed on their brand of storytelling for the sake of conventional stars. Filmmaking itself changed with directors and writers that aren't part of big film families and are rather coming from humble backgrounds such as Anurag Kashyap from UP, Kabir Khan from outskirts of Delhi and Imtiaz Ali from Jamshedpur. They have changed the mosaic of filmmaking and increased the longevity of the industry by light years!