The Talented Women in Sanjay Khan's Life

                The Tipu Sultan and the hearthrob of the 70s, Sanjay Khan received much acclaim and accolades with his innings in the movies. He married his lady-love Zarine Khan soon after. Together they had four children - Simone, Farah, Sussanne and Zayed Khan. However, the ladies in Sanjay's life are celebrities in their own right. They're beautiful to begin with, they're talented, affable, great hostesses and down-to-earth. Here are brief descriptions of the four of them:  


                Zarine Khan:  The ace designer started by refurbishing her house initially. With film personalities flitting in and out, thanks to Sanjay Khan, she gradually landed "some assignments in an informal way." That's when she decided to give her creativity a commercial spin. Her first design project work was for Manoj Kumar's master bedroom proved to be a turning point. It fetched me Rs. 1,500! Offers soon poured in - from ace celebrities such as Hemamalini, Raj Kapoor and other film personalities. And as the cliche goes, "there was no looking back".  Following the success in designing interiors for cine-artistes, she was blitzed with offers from the corporate and hospitality worlds. For Example - Britannia Industries offices (Bangalore), Greaves Cotton, Mody offices, Hotel chains such as Maurya Sheraton, Searock  and the palace of the King of Nepal ... her projects read like a wish list!

                    Simone Khan Arora: The first of the three talented gurls of the Khaandaan. Having introduced a refreshing new energy to interior design, her restrained, graceful style is behind some of the most loved interpretations of contemporary living. Simone Arora is poised as always as she speaks of her influences, greatly crediting her upbringing for the aesthetic route she eventually chose to follow. She actually began her career with her husband's textile business, D'Decor. 





                    Farah Khan Ali: She's considered one the top designers of the country, having two sprawling stores in Delhi. Her clientele ranges from film personalities, the country's foremost families to artistes all over the world. Beyonce too! Her jewellery is unique.  Like her flamboyant personality, it is intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. Her signature style incorporates majestic tigers, snakes, insects, floral motifs and Egyptian heads, encrusted with the finest diamonds and gemstones. Her usp is the quality. 



                Sussane Khan Roshan: She is also of the most acclaimed and brilliant interior design minds of the country. Having established her own interior design store six years ago. Known as The Charcoal Project, Khan’s store first saw the light of day in 2011, establishing itself as “India’s first and most unique design concept store” and eventually changing the meaning of curated interior design in the country. It has matched its competitors all over the world.