The timeless love story of Dimple and Rajesh!

It is a well-known fact that Dimple Kapadia was just 16 years old when she married Rajesh Khanna, 15 years her senior. Rajesh Khanna was a huge superstar and had a number of fans and sure enough, Dimple was one of them. Like many girls at the time, Dimple would dream of marrying the star as a kid and so she was easily and swiftly wooed by him.



He told one of his producers in an inebriated state that he "fell in love with a girl that he rescued from drowning in the ocean". When they questioned him about this, he said that when you're in love, even a small glass of water feels like a wave. It was also said that he made her throw a ring gifted to her by her ex  Rishi Kapoor. He then proposed marriage to her and she said yes! 




And so the celebration was on, and the entire film fraternity was invited for Rajesh and Dimple's nuptial. Their wedding was heavily covered by every media house. After all, it was the wedding of one of the finest actors of the industry.

Their marriage was celebrated with great joy in March 1973. Speaking about her marriage to the veteran star, the actress once said: The biggest high for me was to marry Rajesh Khanna. That was high and I don’t think my success was as much of a high as getting married to this superstar. I was a big fan of his, it was dream come true.




After marriage, Dimple left the industry on behest of Rajesh, but it did not bother her much because for her family came first. The couple went on to have two daughters - Twinkle and Rinke. 



Despite having a thriving family, the stardom of Kaka started to dim and so did their love for each other. Most of his movies toppled at the box office in the late 70s and early 80s. The superstar couldn't fathom this failure and it made him short-tempered, angry and an alcoholic. Result- his marital life hit the rock bottom.



But despite this, Dimple stayed on his side and supported him through the difficult period till Rajesh fell in love with another young budding actress Tina Munim. The actress worked with Kaka in over 11 films and being a great admirer of him, she could not stop herself from falling in head over heels with him. It was during the 80s when the stories of Kaka and Tina's romance started doing the rounds. That was the last straw in Rajesh and Dimple's relationship. Heartbroken, the actress left in 1984 and later admitted that getting married to the superstar wasn't a decision she should have taken. However she said that he was the father of her children and a very integral part of her life. He can never be unimportant.


Years after separation, they both rediscovered their lost love but both continued to be in and out of their homes. But despite all the problems, Dimple and Kaka maintained an amicable relationship and were always seen together at social gatherings, political rallies and many other places. In true sense, Dimple was Kaka's only love. Kaka once expressed his feelings by saying: You know what? I still love my wife, Dimple.




Even during Rajesh Khanna’s last days, Dimple was always there for him. The superstar passed away on 18 July 2012 at his bungalow, Aashirwad. The actress was inconsolable after Rajesh Khanna’s death and held his lifeless hand tightly and caressed his forehead.