The ultimate romantic hero Rajesh Khanna dated these beautiful women

New Delhi, Dec 29: Rajesh Khanna is the ultimate romantic hero of the silver screen, the first superhero and king of melodrama. With so many superlatives it is but natural that his popularity was always soaring and women got attracted to him and virtually pounced on him whenever he was shooting outdoors. Tales of women covering his car with lipsticks and waiting to get a glimpse of him sitting outside his bungalow 'Aashirwaad' is now a part of Bollywood folklore and legends. Here we bring you the list of women whom Kaka, as he was fondly called, dated. The list is quite an exhaustive one and we have picked only the most important ones:

Anju Mahendroo: She is perhaps the first woman whom Kaka started dating after becoming a successful hero. This was in late 60s. they were in a live-in relationship but then suddenly something happened and he surprised everyone by announcing his marriage to 16-year-old Dimple Kapadia.

Tina Munim- His marriage with Dimple Kapadia had lots of chinks and finally the couple started living separately. By that time Tina Munim, half his age had entered his life. The two were debonair about their relationship and even said publicly that the tw shared the same tooth brush.She was given the impression that Kaka would divorce Dimple and marry her. But he never divorced Dimple and finally Tina was out of his life. 

Anita Advani: This lady in Kaka's life claims that when everyone had abandoned Kaka she entered into his life. She was the one who took care of his loneliness and illness. She was the only one, claim some reports, who was with him in his real bad and lonely days. Anita was with Kaka till he breathed his last.