The World Welcomes Boris Johnson as foreign secretary.

The world of politics, diplomacy and celebrity has reacted with a mixture of amusement and horror to the news that Boris Johnson has been appointed Britain’s new foreign secretary.

Johnson himself said he was “excited” to take up the new role on Wednesday, which will involve travelling the globe and meeting foreign leaders as the UK’s most senior diplomat. However, his track record when it comes to interacting with other cultures is patchy to say the least, and politicians around the world have been slightly less than excited by the prospect of working with a man who once wrote a poem about the Turkish president having sex with a goat.

Toner was not alone in his bemusement. American political scientist Ian Bremmer hoped it might all be an elaborate joke. In Germany, the chancellor,Angela Merkel, declined to comment on May’s surprise decision to appoint Johnson when asked by reporters.

“I believe it is our task to work closely with governments in allied countries. The world has enough problems for us to progress in our foreign policy cooperation with Great Britain as we have always done,” she said.