There are many misconceptions about me: Paris Hilton

Los Angeles: Socialite Paris Hilton feels people have a lot of misconceptions about her, and says she loves to prove them wrong.

The 35-year-old, who is a businesswoman with her own perfumes, cosmetics line and clothing range, is often branded as a dumb blonde, but she says these misconceptions inspire her to achieve even more, reports

Discussing this in an interview for OnlyOnAol, Hilton said: "I find it really interesting. It makes me laugh because people expect me to walk in and speak like a baby and say, 'That's hot.'A

"A lot of people are very surprised and blown away. I love that. There are so many misconceptions about me. It feels good to prove people wrong. It's a nice feeling."

Hilton's drive comes from her father Rick Hilton and grandfather Barron Hilton.

Since a young age, I've looked up to my father and grandfather. I always wanted to build my own brand. I want to be known for myself, for Paris. There's a lot of trust-fund kids who don't work at all.

"I want to do something on my own. Success drives me. It gets me excited. I can't stop being creative. I love what I do. I'm passionate about my brand," she added.