Theresa May set to appoint female allies to key cabinet positions

London: Theresa May, who is set to assume office on Wednesday as British Prime Minister, is likely to promote a string of female Conservative colleagues into key cabinet positions, the media reported. Allies including Amber Rudd, currently the Energy Secretary, and Justine Greening, the International Development Secretary, were among those expected to be in line for prominent positions as Britain's second female Prime Minister assumes office, the Guardian reported. “It was Theresa who set up the campaign to elect more female MPs to parliament, and she has always believed that there should be more women in prominent government positions,” an official said. Speculation in Westminster suggested that a woman could be under consideration for the role of Chancellor for the first time, although the frontrunners so far include Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and Chris Grayling, leader of the House of Commons. Officials within the Home Office suggested that Grayling could become Home Secretary, although Rudd was considered a contender to succeed May in taking responsibility for immigration policy.  Grayling might also be offered the position of the "Brexitary of State" - an idea Theresa May floated on the "Ministry for Brexit" as a way to ensure "Brexit means Brexit", so this position could be pivotal, The Telegraph said.  Sarah Wollaston, the chair of the Commons Health Select Committee could be offered the job of a Health Secretary. Anna Soubry, a stout backer of May, could be considered for the post of Defence Secretary and former London Mayor Boris Johnson, who was once thought to succeed Cameroon, could be a very likely contender for the Communities Secretary, the newspaper said. Outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron is to tender his resignation to the Queen on Wednesday.