These 5 things will make you poor!

New Delhi, Oct 13: In the prosperous festival of Diwali, according to the ancient Vedas and Hindu scriptures in order to do Sri Laxmi Puja for good and happy life, there are some basic rules that one should follow and one who doesn't seek to invite sheer poverty and destruction.

Diwali, the festival of lights has been one of the happiest and beautiful celebrations of the Hindus, these are some 5 DON'TS that one should follow:

1. Disputes: Maa Lakshmi dwells in peace and harmony. So, avoid family disputes or fights in the house with your loved ones. Make a peaceful and happy aura for celebration. 

2. Do not be untidy: Keep your home clean. Do not sleep or leave your home untidy. According to the legend, Lakshmi visits and devotees blessings.

3. Avoid sleeping after sunrise: Get up early in the morning, right after sunrise and sleep only after unset. Make some donations to people in need in form of milk, water, clothes, sweets, food, gifts or even money. 

4. Disrespect Women: Make sure you don't disrespect women in any way. Women are considered as the Lakshmi of Home. If she would be happy, Dhan Lakshmiji ( Goddess of Money ) will be happy. Respect everyone around you.

5. Disrespect food: Do not eat or taste a dish while you are cooking. Make sure you only eat your food after bathing and worshiping in the morning. Mostly, offer food to agni dev or keep bhog for God.