These simple 5 Holi tips will make you wealthy and prosperous, just try!

New Delhi, March 1: Holi is a festival of colours and fun. The rituals of this festival are not very elaborate and this is one Hinu festival which encompasses all fun and lets your hair down. But mythology and rituals abound which tell you tricks to pave your path to properity and happiness. Here are th five tricks, which according to Pandit Suresh, whose programme Kaalchakrs is on of th most popular shows.

1. During Holika Dahan offer white flowers in the fire. 

2. After Holika Dahan rub the ashes on your boy.

3. Keep the house well-lit and burn a lamp and place it on a fistful of colour.

4. At night go on terrace to see the moon. Offer your prayers and sit in a meditative posture.

5. Take five 'kauris' and fill it with the ashes of Holika dahan and keep it in your locker.