The Stylish Kapoor Women !

Be it maintaining tradition, unity and love amongst themselves, the Kapoor family (comprising of Boney, Anil and Sanjay) along with their wives and kids, have been together through good and tough times. 

However, when it has to do with style, the Kapoor ladies bring out their - A game with it allthemore!

Through the years, these fashion queens - From Sridevi to Sunita to Sonam to Shanaya (the youngest) have characterized fashion in a big way. 

Let's take a look at their personal style more closely: 

* Sridevi: Sridevi was known to be very particular about her costumes in films. She glamorized the plain, chiffon saree and made it more of an aphrodisiac  than Belgian chocolates! From then on, in her personal life also, be it a festivals or the red carpet, she has created many style statements. Her personal style is tradition meets glamour with uber-class! There isn't any unnecessary skin-show or accessories.  

* Sunita Kapoor: Wife of Anil, the classy minimalist. Her selection of simple prints but in rich silhouettes such as velvet, silk and organzas is a symbol of her elegance.


* Maheep Kapoor (Wife of Sanjay Kapoor): A successful jewelry designer by profession, she has a knack of whats in style and what works. Her style is fusion meets glamour. Her aptitude towards matching colours, styles (in her profession) is exhibited in her superhit outfits also. She wears alot of international brands such as Gucci and Prada. 


* Sonam Kapoor: The eternal fashionista. Sonam is a stylist's dream, especially because of the way she carries herself. She has also brought alot of international brands in India - Vintage Dior, Chanel, Ferragamo and Christian Lacroix. Bold, beautiful and a risk-taker, Sonam continues to enamor us. 


* Rhea Kapoor: The lesser-known sibling of Sonam, is also her personal stylist. She isn't any less talented though, she is a successful producer and has a great feel for numbers. She doesn't follow trends blindly, but actually wears what is comfortable. Her personal style is uber-chic. Absolutely Sex and The City set in urban-India. 


* Jhanvi and Khushi: The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. However, while their mother was initially shy and conservative, they have turned on the glam-o-meter from the onset of their careers in Bollywood. They are very popular on social media and have a great fan-following. Their personal style is just glam, glam and more glam! 

* Shanaya Kapoor (Daughter of Sanjay Kapoor): BFFs with popular star kids Suhana Khan and Ananya Pandey, this 17-year-old teenager follows her own style mantra. As a teenager, she is a fashionista in the making as her wardrobe choices seem to be in sync with her cousin Sonam Kapoor. After wowing us with her girl-next-door looks, this star kid is already raising the heat with her hot snaps on social media. From flaunting her legs to midriff, Shanaya has truly arrived with her latest pics.