This actress makes a BIG disclosure about her sister!

Chennai, Sep 26: Southern actress Anjali has denied rumours that Aaradhya is her cousin sister who is set for a cinematic debut with a yet-untitled Telugu project. Last week, Aaradhya was officially launched via a press meet in Hyderabad. In a statement, Anjali said she only has an elder sister and "she is happily married. I don't have any cousin sister." Aaradhya is the daughter of Anjali's maternal aunt Bharathi Devi, with whom the "Iraivi" actress had a falling out a few years ago. Bharathi was said to be responsible for launching Anjali's acting career. Aaradhya says she will always look up to her sister. "She (Anjali) will also be my inspiration. Her hard work and journey to the top has inspired me to foray into acting. She may not accept that I'm her sister, but that doesn't change the truth, does it," Aaradhya said. Her maiden Telugu film will be directed by Samudra.