This is Surely News: Lulia Vantur wants to produce films with Salman Khan!

Lulia Vantur wants an official designation in Salman Khan’s life. No! No! No! It can't be marriage. Its TOO soon! I mean Sangeeta waited four years, Somi Ali about two years, Aishwarya about three years, Katrina was like four years too! Lulia - you gotta be a bit more patient, gurl! Even we're waiting for the stories about the fights, 1000 back and forth phone-calls, the beatings, the screaming out swear words in Romanian and then Salim Khan giving out apology statements (when its all over) like, "he just wants a simple girl like his mother". We like Drama, else Salman wouldn't be Salman! 


She just wants to be professionally associated with him.  She wants to be designated as a producer in one of the films Salman is producing, under his banner.


Salman and the CEO of Salman Khan Films, Amar Butala, recently parted ways after the two couldn’t agree on which film to move ahead with after the disastrous showing of Tubelight. And the banner has needed someone to help the work go on.


“Iulia has told Salman that she will be available for any work in getting new projects started, but she wants an official designation in the film,” says our source. Another way to get around the man's money! Jokes!