This is the most downloaded app on Apple App Store

New Delhi, July 7: Apple has emerged as a leading brand all over the globe! 

Hubhopper, one of India's leading social content aggregation, discovery and publishing platforms, has become the most downloaded app on Apple App Store this week.

The app ranks 'Numero Uno' among the week's 'Hottest' apps across all categories.

"This is a big moment for us as this one is coming straight from the consumers (users on ground). It is a recognition and reinforcement of our core values and a sign that we are on the right path," said Gautam Raj Anand, founder and CEO of Hubhopper, in a statement.

Hubhopper aims to redefine the way content is published, aggregated and consumed on the Internet by making high quality curated content easily accessible, saving users the cost of finding content of their interests online.

The app has also seen over 100,000 downloads from Google Play Store.