This Korean Dog breed costs Rs 1 crore!

Dogs are a man's best friend and are known for their loyalty. While their friendship is priceless, it can come at a certain cost at times. Bengaluru based businessman Satish S, who is the president of Indian Dog Breeder's Association, bought two Korean Dosa Mastiff breed puppies one male and a female worth Rs. 1 crore each from China.  Interestingly, one of the dogs travelled in a Rolls Royce while the other travelled in a Range Rover from the airport to the owner's house. The monthly food expense of the dog is Rs. 25,000. The nine-week old puppies will be kept in an air-conditioned environment for three months until they are able to adjust to the Indian weather. While the female Mastiff, which weighs around 65 - 74 Kg, measures around 59-68 cm; the male pup weighs nearly 72-84 Kg and has a height of around 64 - 76 cm. The eyes of the dog are hardly visible because of his soft, silky and heavy body. It is comfortable in both city and country environments but suits well in cold climate.The life span of the animal is 7 to 12 years and it can be trained as a search dog due to its strong sense of smell.